New HRMs

The team at Staff Management enjoy professional coaching sessions with new HR Managers, as they are passionate about their role and want to gain insight into themselves in difficult interpersonal conversations, want feedback on their performance and to gain confidence around their decision making and identifying reporting metrics meaningful to their organisation.

New Supervisors & People Managers

The team at Staff Management enjoy professional coaching sessions to support new supervisors and people managers develop their decision making skills, their team leadership skills, and to build the capacity and capability of their team.

Life & Career Coaching

This is a program for individual employees or it could be a small group of employees, who want to identify their skills and signature strengths to further develop their career, with your company or beyond it.

Health Coaching

The team at Staff Management have access to two specific programs to assist employees better manage their health.

The first is to Quit Cigarettes and the second is to help you obtain your Ideal Weight. Employers can provide these programs to their employees as an add-on or workplace benefit.

Selection Panel Training

We can develop your recruitment and selection policies and processes and then deliver Selection Panel Training, including responsibilities of Chairperson and the importance of referee checking, pre-employment checking and conducting other supporting testing materials and case studies as needed.

We use NLP in our training and coaching programs, especially for Selection Panel Training and in designing the best questions to be asked at interview. or call 1300 366 229 any time.

Personal & Professional Development

The team at Staff Management have a suite of well researched and developed programs which are used by various companies around the world. We can develop team based developmental programs or programs to suit individuals.

Workplace Bullying, Discrimination or Harassment

The team at Staff Management has access to Australian based training programs to assist employees and supervisors understand what is and what isn’t bullying, discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

We also review your current policies and reporting and investigation procedures to ensure there is a process that will work should it ever be called on.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills Development

Staff Management has a suite of developed training materials it can deliver or tailor to your specific needs around interpersonal communication and negotiation skills.

Sales Training

Staff Management has a strong suite of highly researched and developed Sales Training programs which can be delivered for skills extension programs of sales staff. This program can also be tied to massively improving real sales results for the individual and the company.

Australian Certificate & Diploma Qualifications

Staff Management works with a few providers of Australian Certificate and Diploma Qualifications courses. These can be done with some face to face workshops, with electives being done on line. This way, all employees can work together on the core units and can be self-motivated to select and study an array of suitable electives to enable them to finish their qualification.

The specific formal qualification selected, will determine the program structure and the training institute we recommend to obtain the qualification from.

We can offer qualifications in:

  • Diploma of HRM
  • Diploma of Frontline Management
  • CIV in Business
  • and others – all you need to do is ask us at: or call 1300 366 229 any time.