Staff Management, including Workplace Investigations and Mediation Services

Staff Management works very hard to ensure Small Business Owners and CEOs, Eos and Managers in the not-for-profit sector are compliant against the Acts and Regulations found in:

    • the Fair Work Act
    • a variety of WHS legislation
    • workers compensation legislation
    • the Superannuation Guarantee Act
    • Long Service Leave Acts
    • Modern Awards
    • your Enterprise Agreements, if you have them
    • Codes of Conduct
    • the plethora of anti-discrimination legislation
    • WHS policy
    • WHS Incident Reporting and follow up
    • how to record Team or Toolbox Meetings
    • compliant and thorough Job Descriptions
    • developing a comprehensive Induction and Orientation program, you just follow each time you get a new starter
    • understanding the importance of the Probationary or Qualifying Period

We love what we do

The Staff Management team really enjoys assisting Small Business Owners and Managers in the NGO (non-Government Organisations) sector with the sometimes ‘tricky’ and sometimes ‘dry’ aspects of staff management.

Fair Work Commission Representation

The team at Staff Management can assist you to develop your response where you need to respond to a matter in the Fair Work Commission.

Negotiating Enterprise Agreements

The team at Staff Management would enjoy assisting you to develop, draft, consult and negotiate a new enterprise agreement that is compliant and enables employees to meet the ‘better off overall test’ (BOOT). Our Enterprise Agreements are thorough, easy to read and support the business direction as well as meet the needs of employees. or call 1300 366 229 any time.

The 5 Aspects of Employee Performance Management

The Staff Management team can assist you with the four discrete areas of employee performance management.

  1. The first is to develop a regular performance appraisal system, which also identifies the individual employee’s skills and knowledge against those required in the Job Description. The gaps help to inform and direct the focus of training and development needed to help the employee be successful.
  2. The second is how to best manage underperforming employees!
  3. The third is how to deal with an employee who for possibly personal reasons, appears to no longer be able to perform the full functions of the job they were employed to do.
  4. The fourth, is what to do and when, with misbehaviour in the workplace.
  5. The fifth, but really the first, is to clearly understand the benefit of the probationary or qualifying period when a new employee starts with you. If this period is handled poorly, you may have time consuming and resource consuming tasks on your hands very soon! Or even a good performer may decide to leave in less than 12 months because they didn’t think they were cared for sufficiently or had a thorough training during their probationary period!


Staff Handbooks

The Staff Management team can develop Recruitment & Selection policies, procedures and handbooks for Managers and Supervisors to use.

The Staff Management team can develop Performance Management policies, procedures, forms and handbooks for Managers and Supervisors to use. or call 1300 366 229 any time.

Employee – Ongoing, Casual, Contract or Contractor?

The team at Staff Management will help you figure out whether you need:

  • a part timer or two part timers
  • a full timer
  • someone on a return to work program
  • someone using ‘purchased leave’
  • an apprentice or trainee
  • to offer ongoing work or a fixed term contractor on a contract of employment
  • to outsource locally, nationally or even internationally for some basic services
  • to hire an external contractor for services

Modern Awards

The team at Staff Management will help you identify the most relevant Modern Award for your various employees, how to identify the key aspects you must follow and how to interpret them.

The 10 NES

We will help you to quickly become familiar with the 10 standard employee entitlements and what it means for your workplace.

Cases of Interest

We will list here any cases from the Fair Work Commission, AHRCand WHS cases.


The team at Staff Management are trained and experienced mediators who are required to maintain their CPD learning and development points through regular workshops, conferences and practical experience.

Mediation needs to be voluntary and can assist in defusing workplace conflict ‘at the bud’ if it is done quickly.

Mediation can also assist where a business has an angry or very disappointed client.

Mediation is also often required before a matter proceeds to the Fair Work Commission or any other court room.

Workplace Investigations

The team at Staff Management are trained and experienced workplace investigators (CIv in Workplace Investigation) who maintain their skills and knowledge through regular workshops, conferences and practical experience.

Workplace Investigations are used when there is a complaint about bullying, harassment or discrimination and it is best for an external investigator to be used, including perceptions of fairness and objectivity, issues of trust, etc.

If you think you might need a mediation or workplace investigation conducted, please contact or call 1300 366 229 any time.