Leadership Programs

Staff Management has access to a suite of training material to enable a short term or longer term and more intensive leadership development program to be tailored for your key staff or if you would like to join or have your staff join an external group for leadership development to increase cross-fertilisation of ideas and challenges faced by others. During this program, participants work on a major workplace change project, negotiated with you.

Mentoring Programs & Succession Planning

The Staff Management team can assist you to develop and implement a fixed term mentoring program. These programs work well as individual development programs and where you can identify potential employees for succession planning and development.

Supervisor Programs

These can range from half day to four day workshops to help supervisors understand themselves firstly, then to understand their team, and to deal with difficult people through a variety of conflict management case studies.

Change Management Programs

The team at Staff Management can develop half day to two or more day workshops on managing change in the workplace. There is so much change now and developing resiliency skills in one’s self and in those they supervise, are important in surviving and thriving into the future. These programs help employees to gain a better perspective, as well as learning some useful tools to incorporate into their work and private life to ‘stay sane’.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training

The team at Staff Management work with key Aboriginal Cultural Educators to ensure we develop a program targeted at the needs of varying staff levels. We find that frontline staff need a different type of workshop to senior staff who might be supervising people with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.

We can also arrange broader workshops on cultural awareness which will bring deeper insights into your own level of awareness around cultural safety, as perceived by those being supervised by you or by your clients.

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