Staff Management services for Recruitment & Selection will help you save $1000s and avoid costly mis-hiring mistakes!

New & Exciting for 2014

We are all excited about introducing an exciting cost-effective Recruitment Service in January 2014!! Watch this space… :) We thank you for your patience.

How we Benefit by using objective Assessment Tools

Staff Management recommended useing highly researched and correlated tools to assist you in selecting the right people the first time, especially for supervisory, sales and management roles.

Current research shows that when we hire using our normal methods ofreading the resume, followed by an interview, our selection rate is only 14% effective!

When we add specific assessments, we get a 95% selection effectiveness rate. The benefit of using assessment tools reduces subjectivity and the human ‘halo effect’ in hiring (when we give people a higher rating than they deserve because we like something about them at the interview!)

These Assessment Tools are top in the industry, with validity coefficientshighly accurate – they are researched and tested every two years to ensure they remain valid and reliable.

    • Workplace Motivators – find out before you hire someone or just afterwards, what really motivates them. The Workplace Motivators Tool shows you WHY your employees do what they do.
    • Sales Skills Tool – find out whether your sales people will sell – or not – before you hire them!
    • DISC – this is not the usual DISC tool but a highly researched and correlated tool, which tells you HOW your team and the individuals in it, will work.
    • Job Assessment Tool, allows you to analyse a jobwhich will better predict the type of person who will do well in it. You only need to do this once as it doesn’t change until the job responsibilities change. Also, you will receive a Job Assessment Report which will include some specific interview questions for that job to help with your assessment of candidates.

Selection Panel Training

We can develop your recruitment and selection policies and processes and then deliver Selection Panel Training, including responsibilities of Chairperson and the importance of referee checking, pre-employment checking and conducting other supporting testing materials and case studies as needed.

We use NLP in our training and coaching programs, especially for Selection Panel Training and in designing the best questions to be asked at interview. or call 1300 366 229 any time.

What to Offer Redundant Employees?

Where you have a long term employee made redundant, it is important to offer them a Career Transition program, usually comprising one to six 1-1 sessions with a Career Coach. This will help the employee focus on the big picture, identify their strengths, renew their perspectives on their career and in most cases, helps transition the employee into a new job with a new employer.

Workplace Bullying, Discrimination or Harassment

The team at Staff Management has access to Australian based training programs to assist employees and supervisors understand what is and what isn’t bullying, discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

We also review your current policies and reporting and investigation procedures to ensure there is a process that will work should it ever be called on.

Firing – Workplace Terminations

The team at Staff Management can assist you in handling difficult workplace terminations; we get called in a lot for this as there are so many pitfalls to avoid!

When an employee leaves your employ, it is called a termination, whether it is initiated by the Employer or the Employee.

The 5 Aspects of Employee Performance Management

The Staff Management team can assist you with the four discrete areas of employee performance management.

  1. The first is to develop a regular performance appraisal system, which also identifies the individual employee’s skills and knowledge against those required in the Job Description. The gaps help to inform and direct the focus of training and development needed to help the employee be successful.
  2. The second is how to best manage underperforming employees!
  3. The third is how to deal with an employee who for possibly personal reasons, appears to no longer be able to perform the full functions of the job they were employed to do.
  4. The fourth, is what to do and when, with misbehaviour in the workplace.
  5. The fifth, but really the first, is to clearly understand the benefit of the probationary or qualifying period when a new employee starts with you. If this period is handled poorly, you may have time consuming and resource consuming tasks on your hands very soon! Or even a good performer may decide to leave in less than 12 months because they didn’t think they were cared for sufficiently or had a thorough training during their probationary period! or call 1300 366 229 any time.