22 April 2014
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Are you encouraging your staff to give? Are you giving enough?

St Vincent de Paul was a priest who dedicated himself to serving the poor. When he died in 1660 he left behind an incredible legacy. St Vinnies is an organisation built on some paid employees but mostly on volunteer staff. St V’s arrived in the Territory almost 40 years ago to help those in need regardless of creed, ethnic or social background, health, gender, or political opinions.

All donations to the NT branch, stays within the NT. Their services and support help people who need ‘a hand up’, not ‘a hand out’!

One valuable service is Ormonde House, a 12 bed hostel in Katherine, NT. Moses, 29 stayed at the hostel for about a year while waiting for suitable accommodation to become available.

While there, Ormonde House supported Moses in his goal to ‘learn to read so that one day I can become a Priest’. Moses previously fought drug and alcohol addictions but has been ‘clean and sober’ for the last four years, despite being surrounded by family and friends who continue to drink and ‘humbug’ him.

Pictured is Moses and Jo-anne, the author of Getting Reading Right.

Georgie survives on a disability pension. St Vincent de Paul, Alice Springs provided Georgie with some pre-loved clothing to pursue his interest in ‘wearable art’. In 2013, Georgie won the Acquisition Award at the Central Ten Wearable Art Awards, with his breathtaking creation ‘Elemental’. Congratulations Georgie!

To find out more about the Awards, visit: http://www.centralcraft.org.au/index.php?/wearable-art-awards/

Vincentcare services in the NT include Ozanam House Outreach Centre, Bakhita and Ormonde Hostels, the Darwin Transitional Housing program and the mobile food van which provides food and a friendly smile to those living on the streets in Darwin – which has been extra challenging this Wet season!

If you or your staff would like to donate to a seriously worthy cause and want to rest assured your monies go directly to assist people like Moses and Georgie, please visit www.vinnies.org.au or call the Darwin office on 08 8948 8100 to donate and claim your tax deduction!

Check out your local St Vinnie’s services and support your staff to volunteer one day a year each! Great PR opportunity!

Jo-Anne Dooner has a deep understanding of how to lead literacy development, as well as how to teach it. Jo-Anne is regularly featured in Australian media, including Channel 9 and 2UE Radio, describing her creation, Get Reading Right, as a revolutionary technique.


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