About Staff Management

At Staff Management we help Small Business owners and NGO Management develop people management systems that work for you and comply with workplace legislation make it easy for you to stay uptodate with legislation affecting your employees, whether its Award changes or WHS changes advise and coach you when dealing with a difficult employee, including drafting letters ensure you have the minimum employment related policies and procedures that are tailored to your business, your values, your goals and strategies.

We provide:

  • Early mediation when you have issues between employees affecting morale or productivity or receive a serious complaint by a valued customer
  • Help find possible Government funding to help pay our services
  • Help find possible Government funding to help train or up-skill your workers to improve your bottom line ensure you keep your legal fees as low as possible by providing cost effective boss-worker advice
  • Clarify and often contradict the information you have been told by your bookkeeper, who may know quite a lot about worker entitlements but not HR-IR qualified and often leave you exposed to fines by Fair Work.

This is serious as we deal with this regularly.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist Small Business owners and NGO’s have peace of mind knowing that their compliance and staff management is up to date which is easy to access.


Heather Traeger – HR Consultant to Small Business and NGO’s

Heather Traeger

Heather Traeger is a NT based HR-IR-WHS Compliance Consultant for the private and NGO sectors, and endorsed as a Provider for the NT Government’s Business Growth Program.

She is also a nationally accredited mediator and casual CDU Lecturer in HR (Masters & Undergraduate) and Trainer for RTOs.

Contact Heather:
M: +61 421 960 317
E: Heather@StaffManagement.com.au

Heather is passionate about helping you to resolve your people (your biggest investment!) problems through communication and leadership training, improved recruitment and selection processes, implementation of organisation wide performance management and reporting systems and case managing return to work programs, and specialises in compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009 and the NT Work Health & Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2011.

She is a training and communications facilitator with a lifelong passion for creating transformational change in individuals and teams, through individual coaching and group work.

Brian Tracy & Heather Traeger

Brian Tracy & Heather Traeger

Heather is engaged by national career transition companies to deliver services to NT based employees recently made redundant.

Heather specialises in consulting roles in the HR, IR and WHS and management fields, having lectured, tutored and assessed for three semesters at CDU in the Masters program, using face to face and online methods.

Heather is working with other consultants and organisations in various joint ventures to ensure NT individuals, businesses and NGOs are given choice and opportunities to grow their organisations in a systematic and sustainable way.

Qualifications Include: Australian Institute of Management, Training & Assessment, HR Management & Industrial Relations, Workplace Investigations Certified and Graduate of the Fairley Community Leadership Program

Community Support

The Staff Management Team are involved with various community groups within Australia and overseas countries that are close to home.

Rotary Internationalhttp://www.rotaryaustralia.org.au/

We have been involved in Rotary both in Victoria (Benalla and Tatura Clubs) and in Darwin for over a decade. Meetings are weekly and you should be able to find a club near you where you can take a leadership role in any number of areas, contribute to your community and feel good knowing that all money raised goes direct to community programs, there are no ‘middle men’ to be paid. There are also ‘virtual’ clubs on line which suit those who struggle to get to meetings or travel a lot.

If you travel internationally, being a Rotarian means you easily find a community to connect with on arrival and possibly make new lifelong friendships.

If you are community minded and want to help raise money and contribute to brilliant projects in your local area, nationally and internationally, this is the service club to belong to.

Also, in 2014, the Rotary International Convention will be held in Sydney, so you won’t have to travel too far to have a wonderful time, learn lots about Rotary and meet lots of fantastic, community minded and happy people, just go to:


Direct Support for the Philippines – Urgent

There are a number of options when considering support for the disaster ravaged citizens of the Philippines.

Direct support to the Philippines

The two most affected Rotary related districts have set up Disaster Funds and contributions can be made directly to those funds. The two District Governors have taken charge of operations in this regard and will ensure that the money is spent wisely and in those areas most in need.

The immediate urgent needs are food and water, closely followed by clothing and shelter.
These contributions would be made directly into the bank accounts set up for the disaster funds and would not qualify for tax deductibility.

Please note these funds are going direct to the Rotary District in the Philippines and not through the Rotary Foundation, so may not be eligible for tax deductibility in Australia.

Account Name: Rotary District 3860 Disaster Fund
Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
SWIFT Code (for wire remittances): BOPIPHMM
Account Number: 1370-0113-93
Currency: Philippine Peso

Address of District Governor (Philippines) District no. 3860
DG Edgar Chiongbian
36 Amihan Street
Gentle Breeze Subd
Kasambagan 6000 Cebu City

Support through RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Services Ltd) and Village Aid

Contributions can be made to RAWCS foruse in a whole range of activities aligned with the needs of the communities being assisted.

RAWCS Supports essential programs around the world:

  1. Maternal & Child Welfare Programs
  2. Water & Sanitation Programs
  3. Disease Prevention & Treatment Programs
  4. Peace & Conflict Resolution Programs
  5. Basic Education & Literacy Programs
  6. Economic & Community Development Programs


Personal contributions made to RAWCS would qualify for tax deductibility in Australia.
Support Shelter Box and/or Disaster Aid

It’s possible to support the Philippine people by supporting one or both of these organisations. The Philippines already has a stock pile of these. Many boxes are now enroute to the Philippines and both organisations need additional funding to replace these incredible boxes full of tents, sleeping bags, water, food, cooking and eating utensils, etc to help provide shelter and immediate needs for each family after a disaster. The idea of these boxes was the brain child of a former Army Captain in the UK.

Both organisations have people on the ground in the Philippines to ensure the boxes are placed where most needed.

Personal contributions to either organisation will qualify for tax deductibility in Australia.
http://www.disasteraidaustralia.org.au/, supported by Max Walker and Mercedes Benz.